Nanda (WA)

LocationFrom Willigabi, n.n. ['Wilugabi], on the coast near Northampton northward to Shark Bay, Hamelin Pool, and Yaringa. The northern hordes who spoke slight dialect ventured to islands off Shark Bay but only by walking at low tide and swimming with logs. Watjandi is a Nokaan term for the Nanda and means 'westerners.' From the evidence of Oldfield (1865), the name Watjandi probably was the one by which they were known also to the natives of Geraldton. They do not practice circumcision. The supposed tribal groups Tamala and Buluguda of the Sheard MS are hordes at Tamala Homestead (113°43'E x 26°42'S) and at Billiecutherra (114°4'E x 27°14'S). A third hordal name was Daguda. Color plate 33 is relevant.
Co-ordinates114°5'E x 27°0'S
Area6,300 sq. m. (16,400 sq. km.)
ReferencesFoley, 1865; Oldfield, 1865; Goldsworthy, Barlee and Oldfield, in Curr, 1886; Giglioli, 1911; Brown, 1912, 1913; Radcliffe-Brown, 1931; Connelly, 1932; Sheard MS in Tindale, 1940; Berndt, 1959; Tindale, 1966 MS.
Alternative NamesJau (['jo] = no), Yau, Eaw (J. Forrest, note in British Museum), Watjandi (['watju] = west), Watchandi, Watchandie, Buluguda (horde and place name), Bulgulu, Tamala (horde and place name), Daguda (horde).