Rembarunga (NT)

LocationHeadwaters of Mann, Cadell, Wilton, and Blyth rivers, extending south to an inhospitable and arid plateau seasonally very short of water. Their name is spoken in two ways. When the medial r sound is strongly rolled the following vowel is lost, hence the second version [Rembarnga]. In tribes farther south in the Gulf of Carpentaria such as the Kaiadilt, the rolled r is used only by women.
Co-ordinates134°E x 13° 15'S
Area5,000 sq. m. (13,000 sq. km.)
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Alternative NamesRembarrnga, Rembaranga, Rembarnga, Rembranga, 'Ranjbarngo, Rainbarngo, Reinbaranga, Rembarrna, Maia:li (alternative name), Maieli, Majali, Maiali (collective name in Rembarunga area), Maielli.