Targari (WA)

LocationOn Lyndon Station and the coastal plain south of the Lyndon River and west of Round Hill; east to Hill Springs and Minilya River headwaters; south to Middalya, Moogooree, and Kennedy Range. Post-European migration took them east to the Lyons River. This late event was reflected in the 1940 map.
Co-ordinates114°55'E x 23°50'S
Area3,200 sq. m. (8,300 sq. km.)
References'Yabaroo,' 1899; Brown, 1912, 1913; Bates, 1914; Radcliffe-Brown, 1930; Connelly, 1932; Tindale, 1940, 1953 MS, 1966 MS; Fink, 1957 MS; Brandenstein, 1965 MS.
Alternative NamesTarugari, Dargari, Tarkari, Tarkarri, Dalgari, Tarlgarri.