Tjeraridjal (WA)

LocationAt Queen Victoria Spring, n.n. ['Mun:u'runa] also called ['Kaluru]; west to about Kurnalpi, Lake Yindarlgooda, Piniin, and Karonie; on Ponton and Goodard creeks; east to near Naretha on the edge of the treeless Nullarbor Plain. Southern boundary is a little farther south than shown on the 1940 map. Northeastern boundary shown only approximately as at ['Kapi Kirkela] and ['Tjikarunja], native places not yet fixed. Serventy traversed some of their country and gives details of the ecology.
Co-ordinates123°45'E x 30°35'S
Area14,700 sq. m. (38,200 sq. km.)
ReferencesTindale, 1940; Serventy, 1961.
Alternative NamesNone has been reported.