Wulwulam (NT)

LocationHead of Mary River; west to Pine Creek (the southern and western hordes, Agikwala and Awinmil, were apparently formerly separate tribes that amalgamated after the decline of their numbers, following contact with Europeans); south nearly to Katherine; east to the headwaters of the South Alligator River. Dahl in 1895 heard of them under the name Agigondin as a people at the headwaters of the South Alligator River feared by the Awarai. He worked with a horde he called Agoguila. The boundary according to Parkhouse was 'at a branch of Finniss River, 54 miles 78 chains' (88 km.) south from Darwin on the railway line, but this apparently conflicts with other data. Parkhouse indicated the presence of a neutral zone between the Larakia and this tribe (see text, also notes under Awarai). The name Oolwunga given by Mathews 1900 (Gr. 6575) as on the lower Victoria River is possibly not of this tribe.
Co-ordinates132°10'E x 13°50'S
Area1,900 sq. m. (4,900 sq. km.)
ReferencesCurr, 1886; Smith, 1894; Parkhouse, 1895, 1936; Foelsche, 1895; Mathews, 1900 (Gr. 6575); Basedow, 1907; Eylmann, 1908; Spencer, 1914; Dahl, 1926; Tindale, 1940; Mackay, 1959 MS.
Alternative NamesWulwullam, Agiwallem, Agigondin (eastern horde), Agrikondi, Aggrakundi, Wolwongga, Wulwanga, Wolwanga, Wulwonga, Woolwonga, Oolwunga (not of Mathews), Oolawunga, Agikwala, Agiqwolla [sic], Agoguila, Aquguila.