Maps - Sketch maps showing Aboriginal 'tribes'

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Date Range1940  -  1974
CollectionDr Norman Barnett Tindale
Quantity 0.8cm,   8   hand-drawn maps, various sizes
ArrangedNumerical (order imposed by archives)
Series IdentifierAA338/23

This series comprises small maps drawn by Tindale in coloured and lead pencils on drawing paper. The undated maps, c1940 to 1974, show 'tribal' names and boundaries, and latitude and longitude. The maps are untitled except for one, 'Patrilineal Hordes of the Tribes Near the Murray Mouth' (South Australia). Several include Aboriginal place names in india ink and other annotations by Tindale.

These sketch maps contain the data used in black and white figures (same scale) drawn later by Harold E Burrrows of the South Australian Museum. The figures were printed in various publications, including Tindale's 1974 book, Aboriginal Tribes of Australia, by the University of California Press, Berkeley, Los Angeles, London and in Australia by Australian National University Press.

'Tindale tribes' are listed and linked to the Catalogue published in Tindale's 1974 publication Aboriginal tribes of Australia, their terrain, environmental controls, distribution, limits, and proper names. Descriptions of maps can be accessed via the Catalogue.

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