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This series comprises slides that are supplementary to Norman Barnett Tindale's field notes and expedition journals, as well as travels later in Tindale's life. There are also slides sent from colleagues.

The slides have been divided by subject: Americas, Asia, Australian Anthropology, Australian Archaeology, Australian Geographical (by State), Australian Implements - axes and chopping tools, Botanical and mammalian, Europe and Africa, General Archaeology Anthropology, Pacific, Stone implements, professional and personal, Milerum (Clarence Long) and Botany, Mammals, Birds and Entomology.

The descriptions are quoted directly from each slide, of which Tindale annotated himself. Where there is a reference to a particular expedition we have noted the supplementary journal that relates to the slide.

Users are warned that some images in this series may contain images and written descriptions that might be culturally sensitive. The restricted images are not listed but they are placed in separate volumes.

The slides listed in the inventory for this series are housed in a photo album labelled 'AUSTRALIAN ARCHAEOLOGY'

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