Supplementary to 'Canberra and California: journal by Norman B. Tindale 1974 -11 Feb 1991.' (AA 338/1/53/1-14)

'resin hafted flakes
top. Mt Davies S.Australia 1963 A54827
bottom Roebourne W.A from Indjibadi tribe men 1973 A45288
NB Tindale collection spec in S Aust Museum
diam 3cm
diam 5.5cm
N B Tindale photo 18 July 1974
Journ. Pp. 54. 61
19 shows opposite face'

Tindale Tribes: Indjibandi.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/52/26a
Date Range18 July, 1974  -  18 July, 1974
Series AA338/52
Tindale Tribes: