'Pandi-pandi and Lake Eyre'

Board for Anthropological Research Expedition J

This item contains restricted material.

Journal kept by Fry during the BAR expedition to Diamantina, South Australia. During this expedition, Fry accompanied BAR to collect psychoclogical and sociological data on Australian Aboriginal people. Fry has written in the front and in the back of this journal.

The front of this journal contains the following:

  • Kinship terms plus their reciprocatory uses and social organisation data collected from the various Australian Aboriginal people around the Diamantina area

  • Notes on materials used to create fish nets, patches, spoons, boomerangs, dilly baps, shields, and spears and the individuals who make them

  • Eye test rsults from tests done on Dr Norman B Tindale (1900-1993, see AA 338), Dr Frank J Fenner (1914- , see AA 91) Prof Thomas D Campbell (1874-1984, see AA 52), George Morley?, and Reeses Mark?.

  • Proteus Maze test results and sections of transations by Teddy Vogelsang (see AA 351)

  • A story of Little Foot and Big Foot from the Killalpaninna area

  • Anthropological data collected by observation of some specific individuals by the names of Jimmie Naylor, Johnny, Little Jemmie, Billy, Sandy, Sam

The back of this journal contains the following:
  • Hand drawn genealogical pattern of Sam's family inside the cover.

  • Index, possibly for this actual journal

  • Several pages of journal entires from the expedition dated 12-24 August.

Tindale Tribes: Iliaura; Dieri; Wongkanguru; Wakawaka; Aranda; Kitja; Jauraworka.

CreatorFry, Dr Henry Kenneth
ControlAA 105/1/2
Date Range1934  -  1934
Quantity 21.5cm,   1   17.6x11.4cm journal.
FormatsPublished Papers or Articles
Series AA105/01