Jauraworka (SA)

LocationNorth of Cooper Creek to Haddon Downs and Cadelga; at Cordillo Downs; west into sandhills east of Goyder Lagoon; east to about Arrabury; southeast nearly to Innamincka, but that area is also claimed by the Ngurawola and doubts exist. They practiced circumcision, but not subincision, as an initiation rite for males.
Co-ordinates140°25'E x 26°40'S
Area5,600 sq. m. (14,600 sq. km.)
ReferencesGason, 1874, 1895; Cornish in Curr, 1886; Wimberley, 1899; Mathews, 1899 (Gr. 6445), 1900 (Gr. 6448, 6524, 6526), 1905 (Gr. 6454); Howitt, 1904; Howitt and Siebert, 1904; Eylmann, 1908; Elkin, 1931; Tindale, 1940.
Alternative NamesYauroworka, Yarrawaurka, Yarrawurka, Yauroka, Yauarawaka, Yarroworka, Jaurorka, Yaurorka, Yarawuarka, Yerawaka, Yowerawoolka, Yowerawarrika.
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