'Journal of the Anthropological Expedition to the Diamantina, North-East of South Australia. August 1934'.

Archive Collections / Dr Norman Barnett Tindale / Series AA338/01 / 'Journal of the Anthropological Expedition to the Diamantina, North-East of South Australia. August 1934'.
Board for Anthropological Research Expedition J

This journal includes the following:

  • newspaper clippings

  • list of waterholes, soaks and places

  • annotated printed map and hand-drawn maps

  • string games

  • object documentation

  • drawings

  • notes by D George dated February 1935, Tindale's notes from Kemp's Our Sandhill Countrydated 1933

  • George Aiston (see AA 3) notes dated 23 April 1940

  • 'Answer to Questionnaire on the Distribution of Native Tribes' - Yulli-yundi

Aboriginal vocabulary and pidgin English phrases are scattered through the text, but Tindale also wrote a comparative vocabulary of Dieri, Wadikali, Jantruwanta, Wonkaŋuru and Aranda. In his report on the expedition, Tindale notes these words total approximately 434. In addition, '15 songs of the Jawurawalka, Ngamani, Wonkanguru, Aranda and Dieri were recorded on Edison phonograph'.

The expedition party included Prof. John Burton Cleland (see AA 60, blood grouping, pathology, University of Adelaide), Prof. Thomas Harvey Johnston (see AA 161, biology, zoology), Dr Henry Kenneth Fry (see AA 105, psychological testing), Mr Frank John Fenner (see AA 91, anthropometry, University of Adelaide student), Mr Ernest Theodore Vogelsang (see AA 351, translation, South Australian Museum), Dr Thomas Draper Campbell (see AA 52, leader), Mr Leslie Andrew Alexander Wilkie (see AA 369, artist, Director, Art Gallery of South Australia) and Mr Norman Barnett Tindale (ethnographer, routine physical anthropological duties).

Tindale Tribes: Antakirinja; Arabana; Aranda; Dieri; Jandruwanta; Jauraworka; Kujani; Mitaka; Ngameni; Wadikali; Wailpi; Wongkanguru.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/1/12
Date Range08 August, 1934  -  23 August, 1934
Quantity 2cm,   1   Hardcover exercise book, 20.7x25.8 cm, 242 pages, 6 inserts, 1 loose item [2?]
FormatsNewspaper Clippings, General Correspondence, Maps, Drawings, Loose Notes
Series AA338/01