Wailpi (SA)

LocationAt Umberatana and Mount Serle; south to Parachilna Gorge only in the Flinders Ranges; east to above Wooltana on range; west to western scarp of ranges. They practiced both circumcision and subincision as rites of initiation. The term Anjimatana and variants used for this tribe mean merely 'Hills people' and is incorrect on the authority of the oldest member of the tribe interrogated in 1924. It has been suggested there were two tribes, but this is without foundation.
Co-ordinates138°55'E x 30° 25'S
Area3,000 sq. m. (7,800 sq. km.)
ReferencesSmith in Taplin, 1879; Kingsmill in Curr, 1886; Phillipson, Gason and Wills in Curr, 1886; Howitt, 1891; Howitt and Siebert, 1904; Mathews, 1900 (Gr. 6448), 1904 (Gr. 6458), 1907 (Gr. 6510); Hale and Tindale, 1925; Elkin, 1931, 1940; Tindale, 1937, 1940; Mountford, 1938, 1939, 1950; Cleland and Johnston, 1939; Berndt and Vogelsang, 1941; Mountford and Harvey, 1941; Wurm, 1963; Breen, 1969 MS.
Alternative NamesWajalpi, Wailbi (among the Pangkala this term means south west), Wipie, Nuralda, Binbarnja (Wadikali term, ['binba] = Callitris 'pine tree'), Kanjamata (Wongkanguru term), Kanjimata, Anjimatana ('Hills people,' Kujani term), Benbakanjamata (Kujani term 'Pine Hills people' in reference to the Callitris pines, ['pimba] = ['benba], on the dissected plateaus), Anjiwatana (misprint), Anjamutina, Andyamatana, Unyamatana, Unyamootha, Anyamatana, Adnjamatana, Adnjamadana, Adjnjamatana, Adyamatana, Kudnamietha (['kudna = feces] hence dung eaters a rude name given by western tribes), Keidnamutha, Gadjnjamadja [sic], Kutchnamootha, Keydnjamarda, Mardala (Dieri term based on the Wailpi word ['ma:dala] = no), Mardula, Umbertana (error for Umberatana, a place name), Nimbalda, Nimbaldi (misprint), Nimalda, Wadla (literally 'Scrub wallabies,' a derisive term applied by the Dieri and other inhabitants of the open plains of the Lake Eyre basin), Ngatjuwalda ('our speech,' language name), Atjualda (same recorded by an individual tone deaf to initial ng), Archualda.
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