'Journal of Researches in the South East of S. Australia by Norman B. Tindale. Volume III. 1938-1956 with index and sundry notes'.

Archive Collections / Dr Norman Barnett Tindale / Series AA338/01 / 'Journal of Researches in the South East of S. Australia by Norman B. Tindale. Volume III. 1938-1956 with index and sundry notes'.

This is the third of three volumes compiled by Tindale relating to his expeditions and research in the South East of South Australia. The volume is handwritten with annotations on the right page leaving the left for annotations, drawings etc. There are three main parts: the first contains journal entries of visits, the second an index to the volume and, finally, appendices. Tindale includes pages 136a and 214a. A contents page introduces the volume.

This journal includes the following:

  • A black and white photograph of Milerum taken by Tindale in December 1937 (page ii)

  • 'Caravan Holiday in South East of S.A.' Includes journal entries, 3 black and white photographs and sketch of Salt Creek, journal entries and sketches of the volcano, Mount Schank, 1 black and white photograph of the Woakwine Range, 3 black and white photographs and journal entries of the Glenelg River (SA), 2 black and white photographs and journal entries relating to Cape Northumberland, 1 black and white photograph and journal entries of Nora Creina and journal entry of a visit to Murray Bridge and cross reference to Murray River note book (see AA 338/1/31/1), 17 January - 2 February 1938, with an additional note made 18 April 1938 (pages vi-19)

  • A typed extract on 'Cannibalism in South Australia', taken from 'The South Australian Register' dated 4 September 1847 (pages 21-23)

  • 'Odd References' relating to the 'Maria' shipwreck, definition of the word 'Coorong', and address on 'Aborigines' (page 24)

  • 'Song to put child to sleep'. The song was 'given' by Jim Morris between 1910 and 1911, and told to Tindale c.1928. Both Tindale and Milerum added to it later on (no English translation, page 25)

  • 'Ngiangiampe - Navel string relationship'. Tindale records a conversation with Mark Wilson (Jaraldekald) and David Unaipon (Ngaralta/Portaulun) on the subject, dated 29 November 1939. The notes also refer to Donald Thompson's correspondence to Tindale, dated 11 November 1955, with reference to Australian navel string customs (pages 26-27, 30)

  • 'Notes on Tak:one' (mythical dwarfs), Jay (Kelendi) as a warning, and Jaraldekald food (page 28)

  • 'Trip to Tailem Bend and Murray Bridge, Easter 1940' with Karlowan and Dorothy. Includes the Peindjalang mound at Tailem Bend, the recording and transcribing of Karlowan's Jarildekald story of 'Peindjali and Porolge', 'Murray River Song', Murray tribal migrations, canoes and trade, Jarildekald leading men and doctors, Taramindjeri's 'Song about a Dream' that was sung to Karlowan as a child, and 'The Story of Waijungari' which, according to a 1946 note by Tindale, was not translated (pages 29, 31-107)

  • 'Odd words from Ethel Watson', 1940 (page 109)

  • Tindale's notes on a trip to Taratap Station in 1943 whilst on military leave (page 110)

  • 'A predominantly archaeological visit to the South East of South Australia from 24 December to 20 January 1947 with Dorothy [Tindale]'. Includes a visit to and a sketch of Section 35 Hundred of Lacepede, samples of red ochre specimens (A39653), reference to Woakwine Range and Terrace, visit to and sketch of Reedy Creek, visits to Taratap, Kingston, Lake Edward, Lake Leake, Mount Schank, Port MacDonnell, Glenelg River (including collection of specimens A39656-8 and sketches), Narrawong (includes sketch), Portland, Cape Northumberland (includes sketches and specimens A39659-61), Blackfellow Caves (includes sketches and specimens A39662-3), Cape Martin site (includes sketch and specimens A39664-7), Glen Point (includes sketch and specimen A39668), and Beachport. Tindale inserted a copy of his reprint entitled 'Radiocarbon Dates of Interest to Australian Archaeologists' (pages 110-153)

  • 'Working Conference of Anthropologists at Millicent' in February 1947. Tindale was accompanied by John Burton Cleland (see AA 60), Thomas Draper Campbell (see AA 52) and Miss Gwen D Walsh. The party met with Stan Mitchell, Dermott Casey and R Keble. Includes a sketch of aneroid readings of Main Murray Bridge Road, west of Murray Bridge for 9 miles, visit to Sections 129, 449 (and sketch), 631 and 805 Hundred of Mount Muirhead and specimens A389671-2, collection of implements A39673-4 at Section 126 Rivoli Bay, A39651 at Lake Bonney and A3675-6 (including sketch), visit to Tantanoola Caves, sketch of section Tantanoola to Up and Down Rocks and Snuggery to Mt Burr based on aneroid readings, sketch of specimen A39652 collected from Collapsed Cave, visit to and sketch of Symon Sites and specimen A39649, visit to and sketch of Mayurra Site with actively proceeding kunkarisation and specimens A39677-8, newspaper clipping on 'Scientific Study at Millicent' dated 21 February 1947 and 6 black and white aerial photographs of Millicent (pages 154-191)

  • 'Working Conference of Anthropologists at MacDonnell Bay', dated 13-24 February 1948, with JB Cleland, TD Campbell, Paul Samuel Hossfeld (see AA 140), and Miss Gwen D Walsh. Includes a black and white aerial photograph of Port MacDonnell, visit to Hossfeld's site at Kongorong, Green Point in the Hundred of Caroline (includes sketch and specimen A30515, A30524&26, Middle Point (specimens A30534&36), Hood's Drift (specimens A30533, 35, 49-55, 60 and A30510-12), Bevilaqua Ford Sites (includes sketch and specimens A30508 & A30521), Mount Muirhead (includes specimens A30543-44, 48 & 30559), Up and Down Rocks (includes specimens A30489 & A30520), quarry at section Hundred of Young and sketch, and cave at boundary of Section 1 & 2 of Hundred of Benara and sketch. A newspaper clipping on the trip is entitled 'New Plants, Butterflies Collected'. During this time Tindale discovers a new butterfly 'Oreixenica kershawi kanunda' (pages 192-234)

  • 'Rafts and Canoes in the South East', 18 July 1948 (page 235)

  • Tindale inserts a typescript version of 'The Petrified Aboriginal: Lost Treasure of a Naracoorte Cave' by HA Lindsay, published 'Man Junior', October 1937 (page 237)

  • 'Trip to Mypolonga, River Murray, S.A.' from 17-18 March 1951, with Paul Lawson, Gordon Gross, Fred Hall, HA Lindsay, Francis John Mitchell (SAMA 952), Trevor Scott, and R Praite, to examine a rockshelter situated in Section 100 Hundred of Mobilong and for general collecting. Includes sketches, specimens A42483-91 and carbon typescript extract from the minutes of the Anthropological Society of South Australia meeting, 28 March 1951 (pages 238-247)

  • 'Marditjali tribe words' - vocabulary from the vicinity of the Grampians in November 1950 (40 words, pages 249-251)

  • 'A note from Milerum' (page 252)

  • 'Pokar, a place for Bunganditj ceremonies at Dartmoor, Victoria' (page 252)

  • A 1938 note on Milerum and basket making (page 252)

  • Notes from Tindale's mother Mary Jane Tindale on Kingston tribes, dated 15 August 1949 (pages 253-255)

  • Correspondence to CJ Ellis from Tindale relating to Professor Edward Harold Davies's (see AA 70) musical recordings dated 9 March 1962 (page 257)

  • Note from Harold Cooper (see AA 64) regarding a deserter from the brig Nereus c.1824 who lived among the Ramindjeri (page 259)

  • 'Aborigines of Lake Albert: data from HF Dodd, 6 June 1956'. Includes notes on nectar from Yacca trees and tribal customs (pages 260-264)

  • Index to Volume III only (pages 267-293)

  • Appendices - letter from PA Clarke to Tindale, dated 1985, enclosing a list and documentation of food and medicine specimens collected by Tindale from the Murray (page 295-298) (includes insert), copy of a newpaper clipping 'Display puts date on things technical', (page 299), and a typescript copy of Tindale's Australian Dictionary of Biography entry on Milerum, published in 1986, (pages 301-307)

Tindale Tribes: Jarildekald; Marditjali; Ngaralta; Portaulun; Potaruwutj; Ramindjeri; Tanganekald; Wikmunkan.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/1/33/3
Date Range1938  -  1956
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