Supplementary to: 'Journal on Campsites and Stone Implements of the Australian aborigines; and others; Notes, etc., by Norman B. Tindale.' 1940-1989 (AA 338/1/40)

Annotated map of Australia shows distribution of 'diorite outcrops', 'axe quarry', 'boulders from rivers' and 'porphyry'. Contains numerous references to published and unpublished sources, and artifacts held in the South Australian Museum are identified.

Tindale Tribes: Batjala; Dainggati; Darambal; Gunditjmara; Jagara; Kabikabi; Kalkadunga; Kangulu; Kitabal; Kokomini; Njikena; Tagalag; Wakawaka; Wiradjuri.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/22/3
Quantity   1   map, 34.0x44.5 cm
Series AA338/22