Jagara (QLD)

LocationBrisbane River from the Cleveland district inland to the Dividing Range about Gatton; north to near Esk; at Ipswich. Their language was Turubul. A term Jerongban refers to part of their country, i.e., the sandy areas between Ipswich and Brisbane. Several hordes; do not confuse with Jukambe or the Jiegera of New South Wales. Winterbotham transposed the names he gave for the Jagara and Jukambe tribes. He ascribed part of their country to his 'Gitabal.' This also is an error of identification for Giabal (which see).
Co-ordinates152°40'E x 27°40'S
Area1,300 sq. m. (3,400 sq. km.)
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Alternative NamesJagarabal (['jagara] = no), Jergarbal, Yagara, Yaggara, Yuggara, Yugg-ari, Yackarabul, Turubul (language name), Turrbal, Turrubul, Turrubal, Terabul, Torbul, Turibul, Yerongban, Yeronghan, Ninghi, Yerongpan, Biriin (see explanation under Jukambe).