Copy of Research data on Aboriginal tribes in Australia gathered by Norman B. Tindale. Chiefly from South, West and Central Australia. Period 1924 to 1936.

Archive Collections / Dr Norman Barnett Tindale / Series AA338/04 / Copy of Research data on Aboriginal tribes in Australia gathered by Norman B. Tindale. Chiefly from South, West and Central Australia. Period 1924 to 1936.
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This item is a compilation of mainly original manuscript material, with Tindale's annotations. It is not directly associated with Tindale's journals. It is preceded by Tindale's introduction (probably written during the 1970s), explaining that this data was drawn together during his initial period of research into tribal boundaries relating to the West Coast of South Australia.

The manuscript material is as follows:

1. One foolscap page hand-written letter from MC Donegan, Fowlers Bay Police Station, to WJ Peterswald, Commissioner of Police describing 'specimens of vegetable substances used as food and medicine at the present time by the Cocata tribe of Aborigines who inhabit the country between Ooldea and the Musgrave Ranges', dated 24 August 1895

2. Pencil map of 'C Strehlow's (see AA 315) arrangement of West Coast tribes', c.1920

3. Ink map of tribal boundaries in western South Australia, annotated, featuring the 'Wirrung' and 'Parnkallas', 'according to JJ East'

4. Ink map of tribal boundaries in western South Australia, annotated, 'according to Howitt'

5. Hand-drawn map in pencil, with annotations and typed description, of tribal groups in western South Australia, attributed to Anthony Gladstone Bolam (see AA 640)

6. Copy of newspaper clipping entitled 'Caring for the Aborigines - West Coast Mission' dated 10 June 1926, featuring the work of Pastor Wiebusch

7. Tindale's notes on the Wirrangu resulting from a conversation with Rev. CA Wiebusch

8. Tindale's notes from George Aiston (see AA 3) concerning 'the Parnkalla, Ooldea and Ngameni tribe', dated 24 November 19269.

9. Tindale's note from Dr RH Pulleine regarding a vocabulary of the Lake Wangary area

10-16. [Wirrangu] vocabulary from Fowlers Bay obtained from Robert Limb dated July 1925, additional notes dated February 1928, June 1927, Wirrangu vocabulary and notes dated 8 & 14 September 1926, 22 February 1928 and 26 July 1928. Limb was known to Tindale as a preparator at the South Australian Museum, but had been brought up at Fowlers Bay during the 1870s and spoke the Wirangu language

17-27. Correspondence between C Hoff, Superintendent of the Koonibba Lutheran Mission, and Tindale dated 1 July, 1 & 20 August, and 12 November 1926, regarding West Coast groups

28. Copy of a newspaper clipping describing a meeting of the Anthropological Society of South Australia at which Tindale discussed his project 'Native Tribes of South Australia' in which he defined a tribe: 'several local groups, bound together by peculiarities of language, organization, and custom formed a tribe, marked by the possession of a name; its members speaking a common language, which might have several dialects, but differed strikingly from that spoken by adjoining tribes, and they occupied a defined territory'. 'Register', 5 July 1927

29-34. Letter and completed questionnaire to Tindale from Charles Sullivan relating to Denial Bay Aboriginal people

35-39. 'Weerung' vocabulary (c.180 words) prepared by Charles Sullivan, dated September 1927

40-42. Tindale's notes on the Nauo dated December 1927, from interview with Frank Kent

43-45. Daisy Bates's (see AA 23) typescript notes on 'South Australian tribes' dating 20 January 1916

46-51. Six photocopies of Tindale's hand-drawn maps relating to West Coast tribes with references to Alfred William Howitt, Rev. Clamor Wilhelm Schurmann, Rev. George Taplin and George Aiston (see AA 3)

52. Photograph of Wirrangu people at Streaky Bay, Willie Yangelty, Budgeri 'King', Nellie 'Queen', Mason Billie and Cranky Jennie. Photographer is unknown and taken prior to 1928

53-54. Tindale's draft of a 'Board for Anthroplogical Research (see AA 346) Expedition to West Coast of South Australia' report dated August 1928

55-58. 'Notes on Ooldea Natives and language in vicinity' from Daisy Bates dated 1931

59-60. Notes from Biria (Fred Murray), man from Eucla, 4-5 February 1932

61-62. 'Eucla words from Fred Murray (Biria), 5.2.32. (39 words) vocabulary

63. 'Genealogy of Jirkla Mining people at Eucla, W. Australia, from Fred Murray, 4.5 Feb, 1932', recorded by Tindale

64. Tindale's notes from C Hoff on the 'Snake Legend re Pidinga Rocks' dated 7 February 1934

65-67. Photocopies of photographs taken on the 1926 Wilgena Expedition of Kukata people

Tindale Tribes: Arabana; Jadliaura; Kokata; Kujani; Kukatja (NT); Mirning; Nauo; Ngalia; Ngameni; Nukunu; Pangkala; Pindiini; Potidjara; Wailpi; Wirangu.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
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Date Range24 August, 1895  -  07 February, 1934
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