'Place Names: S.E. of S. Australia'

Full title includes the words 'To Sort' in pencil

The cards in this box relate to Tindale's South East of South Australia place names project. Header cards include: Place Name Refs.; Place Names References; Place Names; SE SA Tribal Status?; To Be Sorted, Cockburn To be Checked and Evaluated; Outside Area of Gazeteer; Murray River; West Coast S. Aust.; N. Flinders Ra and North; False Names and Coined Ones.

  • 'Place Name Refs.' (1.8 cm)
    The cards in this section contain bibliographic references.

  • 'Place Names References' (1.2 cm)
    These cards appear to consist chiefly of working notes and contain bibliographic references to both Tindale manuscript materials and published literature sources.

  • 'Place Names'
    This header card carries the note: 'these areas are to receive special attention & vocabulary searches'.

  • 'SE SA Tribal Status?' (0.1cm)
    This section contains two cards.

  • 'To Be Sorted' (0.2 cm)
    Cards drawn from Tindale manuscript and literature sources.

  • 'Cockburn To be Checked and Evaluated' (0.5 cm)
    These cards relate to R Cockburn's What's in a name: nomenclature of South Australia, 1984. It appears that Tindale has extracted place names from this source as a preliminary exercise to finding glosses and etymologies. Some of these place names relate to areas outside the South East of South Australia.

  • 'Outside Area of Gazeteer':

  • 'Murray River' (2.4 cm)
    Consists chiefly of terms for the Murray River (and related) drawn from languages of New South Wales and Victoria. Also contains place names drawn from languages of Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, Northern Territory, and the northern and western regions of South Australia.

  • 'West Coast S. Aust.' (0.6 cm)
    Includes Kokata, Mirning, Pangkala and Wirangu place names drawn from Tindale's manuscript materials and literature sources.

  • 'N. Flinders Ra and North' (0.2 cm)
    Wailpi tribe place names.

  • 'False Names and Coined Ones' (0.1 cm)

Tindale Tribes: Wailpi; Kokata; Mirning; Pangkala; Wirangu.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/7/1/45
Date Range1928  -  1991
Quantity 16.5cm,   1   cardboard box, approx. 7.1 cm of cards
Series AA338/07