Nepabunna, South Australia, 1937. Edit from EC Black Compilation.

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This film item documents the Board for Anthropological Research (BAR) expedition to Nepabunna, South Australia, during 22 May - 3 June 1937. The expedition party included numerous BAR members, who were met by Mr and Mrs Eaton of the United Aborigines Mission (AA 624), Nepabunna, South Australia.

EC Black (AA 31) and CP Mountford (AA 228) both shot film but no 'final film production' of the BAR expedition was made.

Access DVD 1 (AA 346/9/12/1) and Access DVD 2 (AA 346/9/12/2) are edits of the EC Black film compilation which have been identified as footage from the BAR expedition to Nepabunna, SA. This edit comprises of Time Codes 28:12 - 29:05. Further information about the EC Black compilation see (AA 31/10). There are no intertitles. The duration of this item is 54 sec.

For film items shot by CP Mountford during this expedition see the Mountford-Sheard collection at the State Library of South Australia.

Please note that the time coded summary is in minutes and seconds. Following the summary of this film is a list of references and further notes. Formats Held: Access DVDs.

Time Coded Summary: Taken from Access 1 (AA 346/9/12/1)

00:00 'BAR Expedition to Nepabunna, SA, 1937. Edited Copy of (AA 31/10/3) EC Black Collection.

00:00 'Cultural Sensitivity Warning'

00:00 'The Museum Board of South Australia © 1937.'

28:12 Four BAR expedition members making plaster casts of rock engravings at Red Gorge, Deception Creek, SA. See EC Black's diary entry 27 May 1937 (AA 31/1 Notebook 2)

28:54 Women and children gathered outside a building at Nepabunna mission.

29:05 End of footage.

Tribal / language groups recorded during this expedition as recorded in the Data Cards (AA 346/4/19)
Tindale Tribes: Pangkala; Wailpi.
AIATSIS Tribal / Language Groups: Adnyamathanha; Banggarla.

    Format: DVD
    Duration: 54 sec.
    Transfer Date: 01/07/06
    Generation: AA 31/10/3

    Format: DVD
    Duration: 54 sec.
    Transfer Date: 01/07/06
    Generation: AA 31/10/4

  • EC Black photographs (AA 30/6)

  • BAR photographs, Nepabunna (AA 346/6)

  • Contact print from the T Harvey Johnston (AA 161) photographic collection held at AIATSIS (N3841, N3852-N3853, N3855), taken during the BAR expedition to Nepabunna, SA, 1937.

  • EC Black, Expedition Notebook to Nepabunna, SA, 1937. (AA 31/2) Notebook 2.

  • Cleland, JB 1937, 'Evidence of Great Australian Native Trade Route.' Advertiser 14 June 1937. Copy enclosed in NB Tindale journal 'Notes on the Kaurna or Adelaide Tribe and the natives of Yorke Peninsula and the Middle North of South Australia by Norman B Tindale 1935.' (AA 338/1/35), pp.140-141.

  • 'Notes from HM Hale after May 1937 Exped. To Nepabunna, Flinders Ranges.' In NB Tindale (AA 338/1/35), pp.142-144.

  • Mountford, CP 1937, 'Why the Crow is Black - Legends and Customs of Flinders Ranges Natives.' Advertiser 29 June 1937. In NB Tindale (AA 338/1/35), pp.145-147. This article outlines localities visited by the expedition party.

CreatorBoard for Anthropological Research
ControlAA 346/9/12
Date Range22 May, 1937  -  03 June, 1937
Quantity 3cm,   2   film items. Formats: DVDs
Series AA346/09
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