Ongkomi (WA)

LocationLeopold Range south of the gorge of the Isdell River; westward to headwaters of Robinson River; southeast to Richenda River; south only to Lennard River and Chestnut Creek; principally on the higher limestone range and plateau country. This tribe was listed but omitted in error from the 1940 map. The spelling (Wongkomi) given in 1940 was not confirmed during fieldwork in 1953.
Co-ordinates124°50'E x 17°5'S
Area3,800 sq. m. (9,900 sq. km.)
ReferencesElkin, 1933; Capell, 1939, 1940, 1956, 1965; Tindale, 1940, 1953 MS; Mann, 1954.
Alternative NamesOng Komi, Wongkomi, Unggumi, Ongaranjan (name as spoken by one of them living among Ngarinjin), Ungumi, Ungami, Ngarangari (i.e., 'living on top' of the range; said of the Ongkomi by the Ngarinjin.
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