Punaba (WA)

LocationNorth boundary along Lady Forrest Range; west to Mount Broome; along divide of Richenda River to Granite Range and Mount Percy; southeast along Oscar Range to Brooking Springs; along Geikie Gorge and scarp of Geikie Range northeast to the headwaters of Stony Creek. Includes the whole of the eastern half of the King Leopold Ranges, particularly on the limestone areas. Ilimbiri, a spring near Mount Percy was a common refuge water shared with the Ongkomi and Njikena but in precontact times the Njikena had been hostile. Tradition in the tribe says they were driven south out of the Leopold Ranges by the Ngarinjin before the coming of white men.
Co-ordinates125°40'E x 17°45'S
Area2,500 sq. m. (6,500 sq. km.)
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Alternative NamesBunaba, Punamba (of Ngarinjin), Kunamba (derogatory version by other tribespeople, 'kuna = dung), Bunapa, Booneba.