University of California Los Angeles expedition, 1952-1954

This item is the second of three volumes containing raw and summary data on the serology of Aboriginal Communities from the University of California Los Angeles expedition of 1952-1954. Data was recorded from the following 'Tindale Tribes' (see AA 338):

  • Mangala

  • Njikena

  • Worona

  • Narinjin [Ngarinjin]

  • Konean [Konejandi]

  • Punaba

  • Karadjeri [Karadjari]

  • Walmadjari

  • Wenemal [Wenambal]

  • 'Wonkadjunja'

The pages in this journal have been numbered by Birdsell. There is a continuing sequence of page numbers from volume one, consequently this volume has pp. 43-65. There are 22 pages of data tables and 22 blank pages. This item was previously identified as 'Birdsell Collection Notebook 16'. 'Serology 2', printed on cover.

Corresponding Tindale Tribes: Mangala; Njikena; Worora; Ngarinjin; Konejandi; Punaba; Karadjari; Karadjari; Walmadjari; Wenambal.

CreatorDr Joseph Benjamin Birdsell
ControlAA 689/1/7/2
Date Range1952  -  1954
Quantity 0.8cm,   1   Faded blue hard-bound notebook with red binding, 44pp., 31.8x20.2 cm
FormatsNumeric Data, Notebooks, Tables of data
Series AA689/01