'Journal of Researches in the South East of S. Australia by Norman B. Tindale. Volume II. 1934-[1940]'

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This is the second of three volumes containing records of Tindale's expeditions to the South-East of South Australia during the 1934-1940 period, together with associated data. The volume is a compilation of handwritten and copied notes, photographs, hand-drawn and printed maps with annotations. The volume is introduced by a contents page. There is no index.

The frontispiece contains a print of 'Big Fred, One of the Aboriginal Group that attended the Melbourne Council', taken from an 1890 Salvation Army publication. Notes relating to this image are on pages 168-170. Following the contents pages (iii - x), a pasted-in map with Tindale's ink annotations depicts his two 1934 South East of South Australia expeditions, one from Christmas 1933 to January 1934, and the other in February 1934. Over the page is a note relating to Mason's missing Wellington journal.

The journal proper begins on page 1 and includes the following subjects:

  • 'Journey along Coorong with Dr Henry Kenneth Fry (see AA 105) and the Tangalun native Milerum (Clarence Long)'. The map on page xi contains the route for this expedition. Includes: 'Coorong crossing places', 'hunting & fishing rights', 'sociological data', 'Puuri, the Duckhawk story', 'additions to Ngurunderi story', 'extra details from Alf Watson', 'Njang ngampe', 'Ngaitje or totems', 'New songs & legend', 'notes on tribes', 'notes from Harry Watson & Jack Watson', 'Story of Tjelbruke of Encounter Bay to Cape Jervis', 'Kengori, Snake and Turtle, Shark (Jamakawi) stories' and 'story of whale at Cut Hill (kondoli)', 'Two nephews of Ngurunderi', 'Emu and Native Companion', 'Tanitjeri and Wakpeoin', 'duck netting', 'bird warnings', 'Pelican story of Lake Hindmarsh', 'Crow story', 'story of the Owls, Mopokes etc.', 'clan changes', 'Tanganekald notes', 'Tangane clans', 'Jaralde clans', 'notes by Grannie Unaipon', 'notes on and by John Wilson', 'places to add to the map', 'Milerum (Clarence Long's) clan relationships', 'Walter Richards', 'clans and Portaulun tribe', 'Reuben Walker', 'vendetta', 'black cloud passed over', and references and notes, 8-18 February 1934, 21 February 1935, 13 May 1936 and additional note making reference to a plant in Philip Clarke's letter dated 25 July 1985 (pages 1-50, 52-91)

  • 'Notes from HA Lindsay relating to a campsite 10m S of Bordertown on map as Pudjinagorik, 4 March 1935' (page 51)

  • 'Note from Ephraim Tripp, September 1940' (page 51)

  • Milerum's visit to Adelaide including notes on Madawuli and song, Goanna, Piwingi swamp-hawk story, Tangane vocabulary (pages 100, pages 137-139, pages 144-145, approximately 100 words), notes obtained from Milerum from Tindale and given to Herbert Mathew Hale (see AA 124) regarding fish, 6-28 March 1934, (pages 92-100, 137-148)

  • 'Meintangki, Notes from Kingston Tribe, SE of S. Aust'. The notes were related to Tindale by W Tapfield Sn. 17 May 1937. Includes George Bates rendition of 'Turtle and the Snake' and sociological notes (page 101)

  • Data acquired from Mark Wilson on shells as implements. Includes two black and white photographs of Mark Wilson demonstrating the use of an Unio shell as a scraper. 1 June 1937 (pages 102-103)

  • Songs by Milerum, recorded Nov. 9 1937. Handwritten transcriptions include: 'Song 1', 'Song 2. Song about Death', 'Song 3, Song of Murray Bridge', 'Song 4. Song of Njengari',
    'Storm Song', 'Bullroarer Song', 'Tanganekald Death Fear Song', 'Song to force a widow to remarry', 'Tanganekald Growling song', 'Tanganekald song about Ngurunderi', 'Tatiara Song Condemning the Tanganekald', 'Meitangk Answer to the Tatiara Song', 'Tanganekald Song which embittered the Quarrel', 'The Song of Kutjubei', 'Song of Baudin Rocks', 'A Punganditj Mimikun Song', 'Punganditj Song from Millicent', 'Punganditj Dancing Song from Millicent', 'Emu Song from Mount Benson', 'Kupabina from Biscuit Flat', 'Wirawiruk', 'The Song of Wanangan from Wirriga', 'Challenge song of the Pot-bellied dwarf Banguni', 'Keinindjeri asks for his brothers' widow - A Ra:mindjeri song from Encounter Bay', 'Song of the Swallow [Watiari] and the Ring-tailed mouse [Lepidawi]', 'Marangane's Journey across the Heath to Wa:karak' and notes on some Tanganekald words and boomerang, November 1937-January 1938 (pages 104-136)

  • 'Visit to Goolwa, South Australia with Dr Charles Fenner [see SAMA 917] and TD Campbell' (see AA 52). Includes notes taken from Reuben Walker, Rupuli, Ivaritji (considered to be the last Kaurna woman), wives, Moana Red Ochre mine, initiation, death, poison bones, the Ramindjeri Witjuti realtionship, Reuben Walker's account of Milerum, Noarlunga people, Ramindjeri relationship and kinship terms, punishment of women, hunting territories, net-making, notes on Queen Ethel from the Coorong, Reuben Walker's list of Aborigines (July 1934), and River Steamer, 21-24 April and July 1934, (pages 149-167)

  • 'Data from Mr RD Anderson on Lake Alexandrina aborigines', 'Story of the Muldjiwangki and Matumari', and a Jarildekald vocabulary (approximately 45 words), September 1934, (pages 171-177)

  • 'Report on work with southern South Australia natives', January to June, 1934, by Norman B Tindale, B.Sc., (note on pages 179-180)

  • 'Notes on Kadu boy', 17 May 1934' (page 180)

  • 'Notes on Frank Blackmore and the Story of Kondoli told by Blackmore, May 1934' (pages 181-184)

  • 'Reuben Walker manuscript sent to Tindale 9 August 1934. Includes: 'Personal story', 'Camping place called Dang', 'Ring Down the Curtains', 'A Raid', 'Millin', 'Rau.pil.ee', 'The Spirit', 'Marriage Customs', 'Marriage', 'Nar.um.bee', 'Witch Doctor', 'We.cho.tee', 'Wa.ric.kee', 'Mourning', 'Smoking' (of bodies), 'Burial', 'Layton' (Relations), 'Nea.wol.un A Forbidden Name', 'Maria Wreck', 'the language the Raminjiri spoke' (approximately 165 words, pages 185-221)

  • 'Tanganekald data' from Milerum including 'Ngurunderi', 'spear-making', 'spears', 'baskets', 'netting', 'Inquests', 'songs', 'basket-making film', 4 November 1937 (pages 223-228)

  • 'Tanganekald notes from Milerum': 'Kengori' and the 'story of Kondoli', 13 May 1936 (pages 229-235)

  • Newspaper clipping entitled 'Middens Used by Blacks 10,000 Years Ago Found', 4 October 1935, (page 235)

  • 'Notes developed during the filming of Milerum's basket-making film, December 1937' (page 236)

  • Pasted carbon typescript copies with Tindale's 'Songs by Milerum', annotated with diacritics. Includes 'Song about death', 'Song of Murray Bridge', 'Song of Njengari', 'Storm Song', 'Mimikur or Bullroarer Song', 'Tanganekald Death Fear Song', 'Song to Force a Widow to Remarry', 'Tanganekald Growling Song', 'Tanganekald Song about Ngurunderi', 'Tatiara Song Condemning the Tanganekald', 'Meintangk Answer to the Tatiara Song', 'Tanganekald Song which embittered the quarrel', 'The Song of Kutjubei', 'Song of Baudin Rocks', 'A Punganditj Mimikur Song', 'Punganditj Song from Millicent', 'Punganditj Dancing Song from Millicent', 'Emu Song from Mount Benson', 'A Second Punganditj Emu Song', called 'Kupabina from Biscuit Flat', 'A Third Punganditj Emu Song', called 'Wirawiruk', 'The Song of Wanangan from Wirriga', 'Challenge Song of the Pot-Bellied Dwarf Banguni', 'Keinindjeri asks for his brother's widow - A Ra:mindjeri song from Encounter Bay', 'Song of the Grey Currawong [Watiari] and the Ring-tailed Opossum [Lepidawi]', and notes, November 1937 (pages 237-254)

  • 'Record 6, Jan. 13, 1938. Songs by Milerum, Tanganekald Tribe, Coorong, South Australia'. Includes vocabulary, 'Marangane or Crow Songs', 'A Tanganekald song ridiculing men who refused to lend their fishing nets', 'Keinindjeri is deserted by his brother's widow' song, and songs about the first landing of Europeans at Patawelja:nk or Glenelg, South Australia, January 1938 (pages 255-270)

  • A discussion with Karlowan on 'Ru:puli', 19 December 1935 (pages 271-272)

  • 'Notes on Kingston aborigines' from Mary Jane Tindale, mother of NB Tindale, and hand-drawn map, July 1948 (page 273)

  • 'Vocabulary' of approximately 24 words from Karlowan, January 1936 (pages 275, 277)

  • Newspaper clippings: 'Vanished Tribal Life of Coorong Blacks' by Norman B Tindale, 'The Advertiser', 7 April 1934, 'survey of Trade of South East', 'Advertiser', 14 Feb, 1935 (pages 279-281, 283)

  • 'Conversations with Karlowan', 18-27 December 1935 (pages 284-285)

  • 'Story of Ngurunderi' dictated by Karlowan to Norman B Tindale, December 1935 (pages 286-292)

  • Note from Reuben Walker on the 'Story of Ngurunderi' (pages 293-294)

  • Notes on 'burials', 7 January 1936 (page 294)

  • 'Story of Ngurunderi' from Karlowan, December 1935 (pages 295-296)

  • 'Tanganekald Native plants collected' (6 words, page 297)

  • Note from Robert Henry Pulleine on stone-tool quarry on Didicullum Station, 20 miles from Lucindale, 4 May 1935 (page 298)

  • Notes on 'Seaweed' at Kingston, 26 October 1940 (page 299)

  • Drawing and note on a quartzite knife from the Coorong in Walter Howchin's collection (page 300)

Tindale Tribes: Jarildekald; Kaurna; Meintangk; Ngaralta; Ngarkat; Portaulun; Potaruwutj; Ramindjeri; Tanganekald.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
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Date Range1934  -  1940
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