Meintangk (SA)

LocationLacepede Bay; north to the Granite Rocks 12 miles (19 km.) north of Kingston; south to Cape Jaffa; east to Lucindale, Blackford, Keilira, and Naracoorte; inland from Lake Hawdon to Mosquito Creek. There were seven known hordes.
Co-ordinates140°15'E x 36°55'S
Area1,500 sq. m. (3,900 sq. km.)
ReferencesStewart, 1854 MS; Smith, 1880; Tindale, 1937, 1940 (two papers) and MS; Davidson, 1938.
Alternative NamesMeintank, Painbali (Tanganekald term), Paintjunga (horde at Penola), Pinchunga, Pinejunga, Mootatunga, Wepulprap (i.e., 'southern people' of the Tanganekald, term applied to more than one tribe).
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