'N B Tindale personal research'

Supplementary to: 'Field Notes and Journal on the Anthropological Expedition to Koonibba on the West Coast of South Australia by Norman B. Tindale. August 1928. Adelaide, S. Australia' (AA 338/1/5), 'Visits to Ooldea, S. Aust. to study the Aborigines by Norman B. Tindale in 1934 and 1951. Adelaide. S. Australia' (AA 338/1/13).

'World Aeronautical Chart', 1963, third edition. Handwritten names and boundary lines show 'tribal' distribution in southwestern South Australia. Includes Fowlers Bay, Lake Torrens and Lake Eyre North. Aboriginal place names are recorded in black pen over pencil. Margin notes read: '1928 data at Kooniba', 'Nov 1934 data at Ooldea' and 'maps abstracted H6 Coober Pedy' (see series 338/15).

This item contains references to: South Australia.

Tindale Tribes: Antakirinja; Arabana; Jangkundjara; Kokata; Kujani; Pangkala; Tirari; Wirangu; Wongkanguru.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/18/35
Date Range1928  -  1974
Quantity   1   map, 51.5x76.5 cm
Series AA338/18