'Territory of Indjibandi Tribe'

Hand drawn map showing tribal boundaries. Names of tribes and locations are in blue pen and lead pencil.

The following groups and locations are represented:
'Territory of Injibandi Tribe. Map drawn by Injibandi men at Roebourne after discussions in their camp 27 June1953. At subsequent discussions with me 28-30 June all boundaries were confirmed except that E boundary was placed E of Wittenoom about 20-30 miles further E of first lines Bailgu did not come W of saltbush plain', 'Kariara', 'Sherlock', 'Ngaluma', 'sea', 'Roebourne', 'Pyramid Hill', 'Peak Hill', 'Njamal', 'Bailngu', 'Tambrey Stn', 'Panaka', 'Purungu', 'Karimara', 'Injibandi boundary', 'Mulga Stn', 'Kulwanja', 'Millstream station', 'Fortescue River' (?), 'Pandjima', 'Hamersley Ra', 'Kurama', 'Talandji'.

Previously numbered 12.

Tindale Tribes: Indjibandi; Talandji; Kurama; Pandjima; Njamal; Kariara; Ngaluma.

CreatorBoard for Anthropological Research
ControlAA 346/22/9
Date Range27 June, 1953  -  27 June, 1953
Quantity 0.1cm,   1   crayon drawing, 36x53.5 cm
Series AA346/22