Talandji (WA)

LocationAlong the Ashburton River from the coast to Nanutarra, Boolaloo, and the lower Henry River. They neither circumcise nor subincise. Their extension to the coast at Exmouth Gulf is probably all due to late migration, the postcontact position was shown on the first edition of my map. An ultimate water supply base on the coast was an onshore fresh water spring or springs at ['Pi:ltan], now within the township area of Onslow.
Co-ordinates115°10'E x 22°25'S
Area4,500 sq. m. (11,700 sq. km.)
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Alternative NamesTalanji, Talanjee, Dalandji, Talaindji (valid alternative), Talainji, Tallainji, Dalaindji, Djalendi, Talandi, Tallainga (? Misprint), Dalangi (g = dj).