Winduwinda (QLD)

LocationEast of Duyfken Point to Archer River; inland to head of Embley River; twelve or more hordes or incipient small tribes each with a name terminating in [-ngit]; Winduwinda is a valid embracing name and apparently the equivalent of one of the lower gulf tribal terms. Following is a list of the twelve principal -ngit. Synonyms and variant spellings are given within parentheses after the accepted form of each name. No attempt has been made to estimate the approximate area occupied by each such group. Roman numerals on the map indicate the general position of each within the whole Winduwinda area. The following arrangement is based on the views of an [A'retinget] man of the Hay River. Area: I. Tanikuit (Tainikudi, Tani-kutti, Dainiguid, Tannagootee). North side of Albatross Bay. II. Ndruangit. North side of Mission River. III. Ndwangit (Ndwongit). North side of Mission River. IV. Ngawangati (Ngawataingeti, Ungauwangati). Lower Mission River. V. Alingit (Lengiti, Lenngiti, Alngid, Limretti [? Typographical error]. Weipa and east. VI. Mamangit (Mamangiti, Mamngaid). South side of Albatross Bay. VII. Latamngit (Latamngit). West bank of Hay River. VIII. Nggot (Gott), South side of Embley River. IX. Aretinget (Aretingit, Aritingiti, Adetingiti). Upper Hay River and across to Pera Head. X. Ndraangit (different locality to Ndruangit). Coast near False Pera Head. XI. Leningiti (Laini-ngitti, not the same as 'Lengiti' of Weipa, Leningit) West of lower Watson River and at Aurukun. XII. Anjingit (Andjingit, Anyingit, Anjingat, Andyingati ? Anangit). Coast just north of Archer River.
Co-ordinates141°50'E x 13°0'S
Area1,100 sq. m. (2,900 sq. km.)
ReferencesMathews, 1900 (Gr. 6559, 6491); Roth, 1910; McConnel, 1939-1940, 1950; Tindale, 1940, 1960, MS 1963 MS; Simmons, Graydon and Gajdusek, 1958, MacKenzie, 1960 MS, Capell, 1963; Hale, MS (Quoted in Wurm, 1865).
Alternative NamesWindawinda, Ngwatainggeti (has been applied to whole tribe), Wikwija ('bad speech'-name given by Wikmunkan), Mbalidjan (may be a horde name), Ndomdorin (a horde name).