Petermann Ranges (3344)

'NBTindale data from Field work Nov. 1963 and 1965' Supplementary to: 'Journal of Visit to the Rawlinson Range area in the Great Western Desert by Norman B. Tindale. 24 October - 25 November 1963' (AA 338/1/26).

Also supplementary to: 'Journal of Visit to the North West of South Australia and adjacent parts of Western Australia by Norman B. Tindale. April-May 1957' (AA 338/1/22).

'World Aeronautical Chart', 1959, first edition. Handwritten names and boundary lines show 'tribal' distribution in the border region of South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia. Includes Rawlinson, Petermann, Mann, Musgrave and Warburton Ranges. Margin notes include 'N B Tindale personal researches' and a reference to two Western Australia map titles, 'IX/800' and 'G5 Mt Squires' (see series 338/15). Includes extensive annotation of Aboriginal place names in black ball-point pen over pencil, and references to 'Nakako visits 1957' (see journal 338/1/22).

This item contains references to: Northern Territory; South Australia; Western Australia.

Tindale Tribes: Jangkundjara; Kokata; Kukatja (NT); Mandjindja; Matuntara; Nakako; Ngadadjara; Pitjandjara; Wenamba.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/18/28
Date Range1963  -  1974
Quantity   1   map, 51.5x76.5 cm
Series AA338/18