Nakako (WA)

LocationSouth and southwest of the Blackstone Ranges; at Bell Rock Range; encountered first by the patrol officer at Woomera, W. B. MacDougall, about 1953; not seen again until 1961 although an unsuccessful attempt was made in 1957 to follow their tracks south of the Blyth Range. They use wooden spears with up to three hooked barbs carved in the solid. They camped at Mount Davies and at Mamutjara (south of Blackstone Ranges) in November 1963 and were studied by our University of Adelaide party then and again in 1966. Color plate 39 is relevant.
Co-ordinates128°40'E x 27°20'S
Area19,000 sq. m. (49,400 sq. km.)
ReferencesMacDougall, 1954 verb. comm.; Tindale, 1957 MS, 1963 MS, 1965, 1966 MS; Tindale and George, 1971.
Alternative NamesNakaku, Nangako, Nangakopitja (Pitjandjara name), Wanudjara.
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