'Vocabulary: S.E. of S. Australia'

The full title reads: 'Vocabulary: S.E. of S. Australia. Beings, Persons, Tribal terms, Spelling systems, Moieties'

There are two main types of information in this shoebox. On the one hand, there are words from a range of South East of South Australia languages compiled under subject headings. Many of these cards are colour coded. Secondly, there are cards relating more to reseach methods, such as spelling systems, Tindale's informants' biographical details and bibliographic listings. Cards include:

  • 'Spelling systems' (0.6 cm).
    The cards in this section contain notes on the orthographic systems used by various authors, including a number of literature sources Tindale draws on in compiling his index card files. A number of cards appear to contain working notes for Tindale's Jarildekald vocabulary (AA 338/7/1/7-11);

  • 'Tribal Designations in SE of SA area also collective terms for clans' (1.4 cm)
    Many of these cards relate to the names of languages and the names of tribes, including alternative names applied by others (exonyms). Some cards also include tribal distribution data. Drawn from both Tindale's manuscript and published literature sources.This section also includes a key to the colour coding system;

  • 'Kinship'
    This section is empty; there is only the header card;

  • 'Maps'
    This section contains one card containing a short list of 'maps described and place name cards written';

  • 'Moiety' (0.6 cm)
    This section contains moiety terms relating mainly to the South East of South Australia, although data from neighbouring areas of New South Wales and Victoria, as well as Western Australia, are also present;

  • 'Beings' (1.4 cm)
    A note on the header card reads: 'Check also in General file under Beings'. These cards describe mythological beings in varying grades of detail. A card may include a meaning, a reference to the 'story' it originates from, and associations with a particular place. These cards are drawn largely from Tindale's manuscript materials, but also from published literature sources;

  • 'Kin terms' (3 cm)
    The first card contains the note: 'Kinship terms of SE of SA. Note that kin terms are all through main vocabulary, collect them here'. These cards occassionally contain specific genealogical or associated ethnological information. A few cards relating to south-western Australia are included;

  • 'Person's English name' (3.0 cm)
    Header card contains the note: 'Index by personal name if given. Try & link with native name by cross reference & indicate on card this has been done [tick] in bottom right'. Many cards contain biographical or genealogical details of people from the 19th and early 20th centuries, including Tindale's informants;

  • 'Person's Native name' (2.5 cm)
    The header card contains a note about cross referencing with any English name, and a note about Tindale's filing methods: 'D indexed with T, B indexed with P'. These names are drawn from published literature sources as well as, to a lesser extent, Tindale's manuscript materials;

  • 'Seasons SE of SA'
    The header card contains the note: 'See general file for Bunganditj, Jarildekald'. This section contains only 1 card;

  • 'Bibliog.' (0.2 cm)
    These cards list literature sources relating to the South East of South Australia. Most of the cards refer to contributions to Taplin's The Folklore, Manners, Customs, and Languages of the South Australian Aborigines, 1879;

  • 'Suffixes' (0.4 cm)
    These cards contain place name and other spatial suffixes from New South Wales languages, such as Eora, Kamilaroi, Weilwan and Wiradjuri. Drawn from literature sources;

  • 'Words needed' (0.1cm)
    These cards do not have a headword. They do, however, carry an English gloss, a tribe, a location and a source;

  • 'Social Org.'
    This section is empty. The header card reads: 'Must check McCourt & Mincham 1977, Two notable S. Australians, pp. 86 & 87 (for moiety & totemic animal names)'; and

  • 'To determine' (0.1 cm)
    This section contains two place name cards for Bunganditj and Erawirung.

Tindale Tribes: Jarildekald; Tanganekald; Ramindjeri; Ngarkat; Bunganditj; Erawirung; Kaurna; Maraura; Portaulun; Potaruwutj; Wotjobaluk; Ngaiawang; Ngadjuri; Nukunu; Nganguruku; Ngawait.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/7/1/20
Date Range1931  -  1991
Quantity 16.5cm,   1   shoebox, approx. 13.3 cm of cards
Series AA338/07