Ngawait (SA)

LocationBanks of Murray River from between Boggy Flat and Penn Reach to near Loxton; on western side of Barmera Lake; a small tribe with three or more hordes. One of the small tribes collectively called the Meru or Maru. They had also a southwestern point of access to the Murray River at a place called Wutjuwutj, whose geographical position has been identified lately by an aboriginal as between Nildottie and Devon Downs on the plateau.
Co-ordinates140°10'E x 34°15'S
Area1,600 sq. m. (3,900 sq. km.)
ReferencesEyre, 1845; Angas, 1847; Taplin, 1879; Mathews, 1898 (Gr. 6569), Brown, 1918; Tindale, 1927 MS, 1939, 1940, and MS; Radcliffe-Brown, 1930.
Alternative NamesNgawaitjung, Nyauaitj, Nauait, Nanait (misprint), Ngawaitjung (language name), Ngawijung, Narwejung, Narwijjong, Narwijjerook, Eritark (Nganguruku term), Njawatjurk (Maraura term), Meru (general term means man, applied to several tribes), Wem:ara (Ngaiawang term), Barmerara Meru (horde at Barmera), Muljulpero maru (a horde).