'Reuther Localities, Bibliog. Muramura'

Drawer 1 of 2. The cards in this drawer relate to Tindale's research into Pastor Johann Reuther's gazetteer of Aboriginal place names of the Lake Eyre region of South Australia. Reuther was a Lutheran missionary at Killalpaninna (1888-1906), where he produced his Diyari manuscript and a map containing approx. 2500 place names, drawn by Henry James Hillier (a school teacher at the mission), now lodged at the South Australian Museum (see Reuther collection AA 266). Header cards include:

  • 'Mura Mura' (approx. 7 cm)
    This card contains the note: 'Lists of Reuther Localities classified according to Mura Mura, together with a summary of the actions of the Mura Mura', as well a note on Reuther's spelling practices. Muramura may be glossed as 'ancestral beings'.

  • 'Bibliography of Dieri' (approx. 1 cm)

  • 'District Names on Reuther Map' (approx. 0.8 cm)

  • 'Map Locs not otherwise recorded in mss or refs not yet located' (approx. 3.8 cm)
    This card carries the further note: 'these localities are shown on working map without underlining. These cards should be kept apart for present'.

  • 'Locality Names' (approx 19.2 cm, alphabet section A-L)
    This card contains the note: 'Reuther collection of native localities. The situation on map is referred to by two letters, eg. H.g. noted on margin of a photographic copy of original map in Ethnology Dept. These localities are analysed according to Mura Mura on sep. cards. For full description of locality see translation or original text at volume & page cited. The coloured [tick] on card indicates that the locality has been checked on work map and underlined there in the corresponding colour'. A second header card 'Locality Names' contains the note: 'these are tentatively arranged according to situation on map - they should now be put back into alphabetical order to expedite finding of place names on map'. The cards in this section contain a place name (head word), a language group reference, and references to Rether's manuscript and location on the Henry James Hillier map. The language reference may relate to languages such as: Dieri, Wonkanguru, Jeljujanti, Ngameni, Jauraworka, Tirari, Jandruwonta, Wangkarabana, Pillatapa, Kuyani, Wangkamarla, Wangaranta, Mardala, Karangura (see Philip Jones's 'Naming the Dead Heart' in Luise Hercus, Flavia Hodges and Jane Simpson eds, The Land is a Map: Placenames of Indigenous Origin in Australia, 2002, pp. 187-200 for further details).

Tindale Tribes: Dieri; Wongkanguru; Jeljendi; Ngameni; Jauraworka; Tirari; Jandruwanta; Arabana; Pilatapa; Kujani; Wongkamala; Aranda; Wailpi; Karanguru.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/7/2/56
Date Range1928  -  1934
Quantity 15.4cm,   1   metal filing drawer, approx. 31.8 cm of cards
Series AA338/07