Vocabulary of Pitjandjara, 1931-37

Full title: 'Vocabulary of Pitjandjara, The Language of the Natives of the Great Western Desert (with some words of the Pintubi, Ngalia, Nakako, Kukatja, ŋa:dadjara, Wirangu, Naŋatadjara, Aranda, Jan[k]undjadjara & Wordako languages).'

This is an updated version of Tindale's 1931-35 Pitjandjara vocabulary. The majority of words were recorded by Tindale during the University of Adelaide's Board for Anthropological Research's expeditions to Cockatoo Creek (NT, 1931), Mt Liebig (NT, 1932), the Mann and Musgrave Ranges (SA, 1933), the Warburton Ranges (WA, 1935), as well as during a trip made by Tindale to Ooldea (SA) in 1934. Tindale supplemented these recordings with words drawn from published literature sources, including R. Helms's 'Anthropology', Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia, Vol.16, 1896, pp. 237-332, and Daisy Bates's 'Aborigines of the West Coast of South Australia. Vocabularies and Ethnological Notes',Transactions of the Royal Society of South AustraliaVol.42, 1918, pp. 152-167. It would appear that Tindale also drew upon unpublished material from Anthony Gladstone Bolam (see AA 640), a former stationmaster at the Ooldea railway siding in the 1920s. Further details are provided by a number of annotations on the title page in Tindale’s hand, including: 'this contains original notes and additions by N.B. Tindale'; 'a copy registered in Public Library as a book before other copies given to J.R.B. Love etc in 1937'; 'with additions 1938, 1939, 1951, 1956, 1957 (including unpublished data from J.R.B. Love), 1963, 1966'. Tindale added approximately 570 words after 1937; they are listed mostly as Pitjandjara.

A note located in the Pitjandjara index cards (AA 338/7/2/3) reveals that six copies of this vocabulary were produced: 'in May 1937 5 [sic] typed copies were made of which 2 are lodged at University of Adelaide. One to NBT. One to S.A. Museum. One to J.R.B. Love, passed by him to [R. M.] Trudinger. One registered in specials [?] Public Library of S.A.' (Love and Trudinger were both missionaries at Ernabella in the Musgrave Ranges.)
Finally, this notebook includes a typescript booklet (15.1 x 20.4 cm, 18pp. ), glued in before the title page, entitled: 'Southern Pitjandjara: Phrases and sentences from Ooldea gathered by N.B. Tindale.1934'. There are 85 sentences with English translations (see also AA 338/8/6).

See also Tindale's Pitjandjara index card files, AA 338/7/2/3 - 338/7/2/6.

Tindale Tribes: Pitjandjara; Pintubi; Ngalia; Nakako; Kukatja (NT); Ngadadjara; Wirangu; Nangatadjara; Aranda; Jangkundjara; Pini; Tjalkadjara.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/8/5
Date Range1931  -  1966
Quantity 1.5cm,   1   bound notebook, 138pp., typescript
Series AA338/08