Mangala (WA)

LocationOn the desert plateau about the McLarty Hills; north to Geegully Creek, n.n. ['Tjirkali], and headwaters of Edgar Range; northwest to plateau above Dampier Downs, extending no nearer than 50 miles (80 km.) to the coast; south to a known E-W line of salty waters along 21 ° latitude including Tandalgoo, n.n. ['Tjandalkuru]; east to a line about 40 miles (55 km.) east of Joanna Springs, n.n. ['Ka:lun] and ['Pikurangu]. A member of this tribe living in 1953 claimed to have seen Warburton's tracks there in 1874, being the younger of two who made the tracks seen there by Warburton. Eastern boundary at an unidentified place called ['Piraju]. The northeastern limit lay between the known waters of Tanndulla, n.n. ['Ta:ndala], and Karraga, n.n. ['Karakan]. Their eastern territory is described as ['ngokanitjarda] which appears to be a special kind of flat country with salt water (see reference under Walmadjari). In the early 1900s the Mangala attacked the inland Karadjari at ['Lindjarukading] in their own country and killed many, driving the remainder to ['Pidarpidar] (now Nita Downs). The Mangala were hostile to the Njikena when they ventured in to get water at Mandikarakapo (Dampier Downs) and Tjirkali (Geegully Creek); only in extremely dry times did they go to the Fitzroy River at [°Ne:ramal] (Nerrima of maps). They have a high percentage of persons, especially children, with blond hair, a fact first noted by Father Worms and confirmed in the field.
Co-ordinates124° 0'E x 19°50'S
Area15,600 sq. m. (40,600 sq. km.)
ReferencesBrown, 1912; Bates, 1914; Connelly, 1932; Elkin, 1933; Kaberry, 1937, 1939; Capell, 1940, 1956; Lindblom, 1940; Petri, 1950, 1955, 1956, 1960; Worms, 1940, 1950, 1951, 1953 MS (letter); Tindale, 1953 MS, 1966 MS; Berndt, 1959, 1964; Playford, 1960; Tindale and Lindsay, 1963.
Alternative NamesManala (individual pronunciation by a Njangamarda man), Mangala (orthodox version), Mangal, Minala, Mangula (? Typographical error), Mangai (a form of name heard by Worms, 1953 MS).
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