Ngardi (NT)

LocationSandhill country west of the Tanami track, from Chilla Well, the Granites, and Gardiner Range extending west into Western Australia at Ima Ima (n.n. Ngaima ngaima) on Sturt Creek, to Balgo Hill (and the Pallotine Mission), also to Manggai, an unidentified water; they go south to near Milidjipi (129°40' E x 22°3'S) and to Tekkari, north of Lake Mackay (129°1'E x 21°50'S). These are two known native waters in otherwise unnamed country; at Lakes Hazlett, Lucas, White, and Wills. Some important but as yet unlocalized waters include Pinbin (near Lake Lucas), Lerauli, Ngandalara and Pinkatjana (near Emily Springs), Pindiri, Tjaldjiwan, Inindi (near Lake White), and Rabi (between Lakes Lucas and White). Their southern territory extends into large areas covered by mulga scrub. Manggai is stated to be on a trading route and evidently is of considerable cultural significance, since it is well known at distances of many hundreds of miles in several directions; it has not been localized, but may be near the Stansmore Range. Possibly it is the Munga of Mathews which is mentioned in several of his papers. Capell's suggestion that Ngardi is a dialect name of the Walpiri is incorrect; the tribes are discrete.
Co-ordinates129°5'E x 20°50'S
Area25,000 sq. m. (65,000 sq. km.)
ReferencesMathews, 1899 (Gr. 6445), 1900 (Gr. 6575), 1907 (Gr. 6521); C. Strehlow, 1910; Terry, 1926; Tindale, 1931 MS, 1932 MS, 1940, 1951 MS, 1953 MS, 1956 MS; Kaberry, 1937, 1939; Capell, 1940; Berndt and Berndt, 1946, 1951, 1964; Braitling, 1952 MS (letter); Birdsell, 1954 ms; Australian Encyclopedia, 1958; C. Berndt, 1965.
Alternative NamesNgadi, Ngari (imperfect hearing of Ngardi), Panara (general descriptive term applied to more than one tribe, indicating those who live by winnowing grass seed in ['pan: a] or wooden dishes), Bunara, Boonara, Waiangara (of eastern tribes), Kolo (of the Pintubi), Waiangari (of Ngalia), Waingara, Waiangadi, Waringari (derogatory term used by Walpiri), Warangari, Kukuruba (name used by Ngalia), Woneiga, Wanayaga, Puruwantung and Buruwatung (of Birdsell), Manggai (a place name), ? Munga (of Mathews), Walmala (derogatory term), Wommana (has meaning similar to Walmala).
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