'Journal of Visit to the North West of South Australia and adjacent parts of Western Australia by Norman B. Tindale. April-May 1957'.

Archive Collections / Dr Norman Barnett Tindale / Series AA338/01 / 'Journal of Visit to the North West of South Australia and adjacent parts of Western Australia by Norman B. Tindale. April-May 1957'.
Board for Anthropological Research Expedition Z

The expedition dates from 23 April - 1 June 1957 (pages 1-279). Appendix A begins on page 300. There is a contents list and an index, commencing on page 401. The last 14 pages of the journal are blank. This journal has been handwritten with annotations. Journal entries are on the right-hand page leaving the left page for drawings and annotations.

This journal includes the following:

  • an entry permit to the North-West Reserve: 'Conditions of Entry to Prohibited Areas' dated 21 March 1955, applying to Tindale, John Greenway, RH Morrison and Allan Ferguson Brumby (See AA 42)

  • black and white photographs

  • hand-drawn and printed maps

  • an account of dingo mythology

  • social frameworks

  • sketches of rock carvings and paintings

  • specimen drawings and documentation

  • Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) broadcast transcriptions

  • newspaper clippings

  • part of Prof. Hermann Klaatsch's (see AA 168) manuscript dated 1907 on young Niol-Niol [Njulnjul] tribesmen

  • notes by John Robert Beattie Love (AA 187) on Wororra [Worora] material culture

  • correspondence between Ronald Trudinger and Tindale on linguistic matters

  • photograph of Michael Terry (AA 333)

  • notes from the Missioner R Williams

  • rubbing

  • answers by Rev. HL Taylor to a death and burial questionnaire sent out in 1939

  • notes and vocabulary from Alan Brumby (approximately 75 words from the Everard Ranges, see AA 42)

  • copy of Paul Hugenin's vocabulary from Esperance and Coolgardie, Western Australia dated 1902 and sent to Tindale by CJ Harding in 1937

  • Samuel Albert White's photographs (see AA 365)

  • newspaper clippings and correspondence relating to Charles Pearcy Mountford's (see AA 228) 1940 and 1960

  • Ernest Eugene Kramer's (see AA 669) 1928 and Tindale's 1933 expeditions to Central Australia

  • quotation from Theodor Reik's Mystery on the Mountain, page187, reprint entitled 'The Butcher-Bird (Cracticus torquatus) and the Striped Honeyeater (Plectorhyncha) nesting in company' by AM Morgan

  • C Sullivan's published 'Bird Notes from the West Coast'

  • notes by Walter Batchelor MacDougall (see AA 193) on the 'Phallic emblem in Petermann Range' dated 27 February 1953

Most of this additional material is contained in Appendix A, which begins on page 300.

Places visited include Giles, Blackstone Range, Cavenagh Range, Fort Welcome, Mount Davies, Cave Hill, Ernabella, Kolidjara, Everard Park, Eucolo Creek, Philips Ponds, Rawlinson Range, Murray Range, Lightening Rocks, Mount Aloysius, Kaminanja Rockshelter, Kalaiapiti, Poltjirmata Rockshelter, Mount Lindsay, Blythe Range, Mount Agnes, Mount Hinckley, Owalinga Rockshelter, Kolidjara Rockshelter, Woomera, Callidin Rockholes, Ayers Rock [Uluru], Musgrave Ranges and Peterman Range.

The expedition party included Walter Batchelor MacDougall and Norman Barnett Tindale.

Tindale Tribes: Antakirinja; Arabana; Aranda; Jangkundjara; Jumu; Kartudjara; Kokatja; Mandjindja; Nakako; Nana; Ngadadjara; Ngadjunmaia; Ngalea; Ngalia; Ngardi; Njulnjul; Pangkala; Pindiini; Pintubi; Pitjandjara; Potidjara; Walpiri; Wenamba; Wongkanguru; Worora.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/1/22/1
Date Range23 April, 1957  -  01 June, 1957
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